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Zelda ALTTP Scene Creator users creations

2011-08-28 15:59:52 by holyshadow73

hey! For all you guys who use AIgamerDS's "Zelda ALTTP Scene Creator", this news post is for people to show off their scene creations!
Mine is called
"The Legend of Zelda - The Four Sword:
The Power of Courage"!

Zelda ALTTP Scene Creator users creations


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2011-08-28 16:00:50

here's the link for the scene creator:
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /310985


2012-06-08 01:21:23

Yo bro! Guess who!

holyshadow73 responds:

Oh my god, Ragnaul! Hey man, what's up? I'm sorry I didn't respond for three years, I didn't know the comment was there. >_<
It's so great to see you have a Newgrounds account!


2016-06-15 18:40:45

Your "japanese dojo" review is awesome. Ronin Warrior!

holyshadow73 responds:

Thanks for that! I'm happy you liked it!