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Pandala Wala Pandala Wala

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Love to see that someone on Newgrounds knows what Dofus is! I love the tune and it made me think of a Pandawa and a Xelor hiking through a jungle together. I tend to do short stories when I hear music like this, so I thought I'd do one now!

Music Inspired Short Tales - Beers and Gears

A Pandawa and a Xelor had been trekking through the jungle, the Xelor holding a map in his bandaged hands. "I knew I shouldn't have let you lead! Now we're lost in this wet, hot jungle thanks to you!" He looked back to give her a direct lecture, only to find his Pandawan friend was sipping from an Ecaflip brand jelly wine! "You're drinking right now!?"
"Aw come on, this is good stuff!" she complained, wiping a leaked drop of wine off her cheek. "Besides, I know this jungle like the back of my hand!" For emphasis, she lifted up her hand and pointed at it.
"Viri, that's your palm," the Xelor corrected.
She did a double take on her hand before bursting into a fit of giggles and hiccups, putting her companion at his wit's end. "Oh, don't be like that, Vex! Admit it, you're enjoying yourself!"
"You dragged me out of my house shouting about machine parts!" he retaliated, returning his attention to the map. He had to find a zaap portal quickly. It was beginning to get a bit too humid in the jungle and it wasn't exactly known for its friendly Bow Meows. "I don't even understand how I let myself get into this mess! I could be at home, tinkering the day away, but instead I'm here, lost and alone with a useless lump of fur and booze!"
The two shuffled through the foliage for what felt like hours before Viri had taken notice of something. "Hold on, I think I smell something!" She dashed off ahead of Vex through a collection of sharp thorns and stiff bamboo. "Jackpot!"
Vex took off after her. "What, did you find the portal? I can just feel the gears in my hands!" However, when he pushed aside the bamboo stalks and stepped over the thorny bushes, all he saw was a strange machine and Viri collecting fruits off to the side. "What is this?"
Stepping over to the machine, Vex examined it. The parts used, the damages it had taken, right down to the metal it was built with. It looked to have been made with Dolomite and seemed to be crafted into a generator off sorts. Finally, the damages were incredibly minor, as expected of the metal used. There were claw marks all over it, apparently from an very strong animal. Quite alarming that something managed to make such marks on a machine made of Dolomite.
"Hey Vex! I found the zaap portal!" Viri called out, waving at him from the fire end of the clearing. She pushed away a few bamboo stalks revealing a mystic stone archway glowing blue within the confines of the arch.
Vex rushed to Viri and peered through, as if to ensure he wasn't seeing things. Maybe the heat had gotten to him. He passed through for a moment before coming straight back in a celebratory mood. "Yes! Yes! Excellent! Oh thank you, Viri!" In his joy, he leaped up to Viri's height and pecked her on the cheek before dashing back to the machine. "Oh, it'll be a joy seeing what makes this thing tick!" He attempted to pick it up, but of course, it was far too heavy for him. "Oh right! Viri, would you mind carrying this through the portal for me?"
Viri had taken a bit of a pause at first, but then called back, "Yeah, I'm coming!" She downed another round of wine and rushed over. With a quick heave, she lifted the generator effortlessly and began to carry it over to the zaap portal. With Vex right at her side, the two went straight through, heading home with some nice fruits to make excellent booze and a strange machine to turn inside out.

Estavius (Remixed) Estavius (Remixed)

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Oh my good golly gosh! This remixed tune is a great song to listen to. Very nice work. This could be could background music for writing! Thanks! :D

Troisnyx responds:

Anytime, glad you enjoyed it!

Elysium Elysium

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There's a music competition!? I had no idea!! Well, I'm rooting for you to win all the way! Good luck, Ethy!

etherealwinds responds:

Thank you Shads! My last four??? tracks were intended for the NGADM. You can follow the threads on the audio forum and on ChronoNomad's profile :)

Tale Of A Knight Tale Of A Knight

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Music Inspired Short Tales - A Knight to Remember

Overlooking knight stood trees as tall as the tallest towers and flowers and foliage more colorful and vibrant than the jewels adorning the king's crown back home. Mounted atop a mighty horse of absent color, the knight gazed ahead, making a slow and steady trail through the forest. Inward there lies a lake as blue as an aquamarine and as beautiful as the fairest maiden, yet the true treasure lay within the lake itself as the whispers of men tells of blessings found with its waters. Many a person has traveled through the forest in search of the lake, yet none have succeeded. Some return forever convinced it could never be found, others never returned at all.
Rumors thereafter began to rise of a beast or monster or guardian that may watch over the lake and its wonders, and as more and more people attempted the hunt, less and less could garner the motivation to follow suit. The prospect of losing their lives for a treasure that may not even exist was too risky.
This man, however, did not falter in his determination to find the lake. Not so to gain power or treasure or even a blessed life, but to prove or disprove its existence and put many a mind at ease. His horse galloped between the trees, avoiding the forests natural beauty from being marred. As the hours passed from his slow search, a light bloomed beyond the trees, drawing him in.
There it be, the lake of rumor and myth. It's beauty was indeed a sight, gleaming brightly as if to spite the dark of night. Not even the darkest shadow of the trees blocking out the moonlight could diminish the gemlike beauty of the lake. The man dismounted and approached the waters, pulling out a bottle from his satchel. In order to prove the lakes existence and prove it can be found, he intended to draw from the lakes bright waters.
As he kneeled to draw from the lake, a gentle hand wrapped around his wrist, holding the bottle back. "Tis not the water that glows so brilliantly, noble knight." A woman of outstanding beauty to challenge the lake itself stood before him, locks of light chestnut and eyes as fine as silver looked upon him with favor. "You come not to take what is not yours, but to set the minds of others at ease. A very selfless act, given the rumors flying around."
Taking a moment to clear his head of the woman's splendor, he asks if she be the guardian of the lake and what happened to the men who never returned. "There is some truth to that notion, knight. As for those who failed to arrive, the ones who never returned were struck in the night by savage wolves. I do not dictate their actions, so I could not stop them myself." Then who is she, the knight asked then. "I am she who watches over the lake and keeps it hidden from those unworthy of bearing what the lake holds. That is, I was."
The lake shined brighter than ever until something rose from the depths, leaving the lake just as it was. Hovering just above the surface, shining spirits from beyond, was a golden sword of incredible craft. "This blade lay dormant under the calm waters of the lake with I as its watcher until the day a man not motivated by greed or malice could come to claim it. And now, he has come."
She took the blade by the hilt and gently exchanged it to the knight. The blade fitting very well into his hand, quite perfectly in fact. As if the sword was made for his hands, or perhaps his hands were made for this sword. The man swung the sword lightly through the air, a light hum resonating through the air. After which he thanked the maiden and prepared to be on his way.
"Remember this, knight. Now that you have taken up this blade, it is yours alone. Only you may wield it and none else. Use it not for selfish gain or the greed of others, but as much for your fellow men as you have now."
Bowing his head and vowing to use the blade only for the good of his country, his kingdom, and his people, the knight mounted his steed and turned round, journeying back through the forest. A legend beginning.

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Winter Moon Winter Moon

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I read that the story of the Yuki-Onna often opened the same way. A man wishes for a wife as beautiful as the icicles hanging from his roof. A woman would then appear to him from the snow and ice of winter. The two would declare themselves married then.
It would often end one of two ways, neither would be pleasant.
The man would either ask his new wife to soak in the bath, which she would melt from the heat give off from the hot water and steam, or she would disappear when winter ends, only to return to find her husband married to someone else. She'd become furious and kill him(?)
My memory of it is a bit foggy, but that's that. :I
Oh, also, you do song covers of Erutan's music like no other.

Edge of Night (All Shall Fade) Edge of Night (All Shall Fade)

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Thanks for this song, man. Lord of the Rings is always such a great thing and it's good to hear you singing again.

etherealwinds responds:

You're very welcome! I really should make the time to read the books though! Thanks for reviewing :)

Candle by the Window Candle by the Window

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More excellence! Good luck with your imprisoning education, ethereal.

Black Azaleas Black Azaleas

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M.I.S.S (Music Inspired Short Story): Hunting a Tune

The first time I heard that song, I was strolling through Azalea Town and preparing to take down its gym leader, but I heard a song being played out in the center of town. Curious, I followed the sounds and saw a street performer playing with a few others. I watched alongside a few of the townsfolk and asked them what they named the song. Unfortunately, they didn't know. They then told me they had heard the song from another group of performers that travelled all across the Johto region.
After defeating the gym leader in Azalea, I started searching the region for the performers. Not in Goldenrod to Ecruteak, from Violet to Olivine, and not even in the National Park could I find them. Soon, I gave up.
Eventually, I reached Blackthorn City and that's when I heard it again.
I ran as fast as I could and found a group of performers playing the song. Once again, I watched and listened beside a number of people. The music was so wonderful to listen to and it just felt so relaxing and great. When they finished, I asked them for the name of the song.
They called it "Black Azaleas."

Ecruteak City - Pokemon GS Ecruteak City - Pokemon GS

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M.I.S.S (Music Inspired Short Story): Ecruteak Evening
I fought down the gym leader of Ecruteak and wandered about the city to sight see when I happened upon the towers. I asked someone of them and he told me of the legend of the towers.
"Ho-Oh and Lugia lived in two grand towers. But when one of them burned down, becoming what is today known as the Burned Tower, both flew away, never to be seen again in Ecruteak."
After looking at the towers for a bit and seeing the Kimono Girls do a show, I found a place to stay for the night. It was getting dark and I wasn't in the mood for another all-night road trip. As I lay in bed, I turned my head and peered out the window, looking out into the darkened city, past the buildings towards the Burned Tower. I soon drifted off to sleep.
And Lugia...

Hazama Impersonation Hazama Impersonation

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Wow, this is a really good impersonation of Hazama and Terumi.
My impersonation is, at best, probably best suited for a hypothetical Blazblue spin-off/OVA in which all the characters are kids and are in high school.